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If offered by your institution, you can use the telephony feature to communicate with other users. As a telephony user, you can use all Blackboard Collaborate features and communicate with all users in the session.

Mobile device users cannot use a teleconference for audio communications in a session at this time.

The Teleconference Service

With Integrated Telephony, you don't need your own teleconference provider. The teleconference service is provided by Blackboard Collaborate. Teleconference phone numbers and PINs are automatically generated during session creation. Anyone can dial into the session and initiate the connection between the session and the teleconference bridge.

We supply a Virginia-US number for U.S. and Canada, a UK number for Europe, and a Sydney number for Australia. Long distance and international calling charges may apply.

Allow Users To Join Using a Phone

Create or edit session > Session Settings

You can allow participants to call in with their phone from the Session Settings.

Call Into A Session

Your avatar > My Settings > Audio & Video Settings > Generate Number > Call the number listed > Enter the personal identification number (PIN)

Up to 25 participants can call into a session from their phone. If the maximum number of participants has been reached additional users are not given a phone number to call.

You are given a unique PIN to help the session identify you. When you enter the PIN, the audio from your phone is paired with your avatar. This helps everyone keep track of who is who.

Each PIN is unique to an individual session. They stop working when the session ends.

You must be joined to a session on a browser to use your phone.

You have access to all the same tools in your session. Your microphone changes to a phone. Others see a phone icon by your name in the Participants panel.

You are muted when you first call in. Turn your audio on and off in your browser by clicking the phone icon.

With your keyboard, press Alt + M to turn your phone audio on and off.

You can still use the mute on your phone. Just make sure the audio is turned on in your browser if you want others to hear you.

What happens if I hang up my phone?

If you hang up your phone without leaving the session, you are still connected to the session. You start using our device microphone instead.

Can I still share my video if I am using my phone?

Yes. You have access to all the same tools in your session. You can share video, participate in chat, share content if you have moderator permissions, and so on.

How do I leave a session completely when on my phone?

To leave a session completely, click Leave Session at the top of your screen. Your phone audio is automatically disconnected from the session. You can no longer hear anything. All that's left to do is hang up your phone.